Birding in Sikkim

With more than 547 species belonging to 253 genera and 55 families under 16 avian orders, Sikkim is a favorable spot to watch and enjoy birding. The famous Ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali also visited the place and have successfully cataloged most of the species. The study by Ali (1962) is the most comprehensive and exhaustive work on birds of Sikkim till date. Ali (1962) extensively reviewed the past studies substantiated by field surveys and published a book containing a comprehensive list of species distributed in Sikkim. The basic information on ecology of some species is also provided.

The book also provides a list of 98 species separately, which was reported to occur in Sikkim but were not observed by Salim Ali or his contemporary ornithologists, totaling the list to 524. Of the 1295 species of birds reported from Indian Subcontinent Sikkim harbors 574 species. These species represents 45% of the total birds within 0.21% of the geographical area of India. The compiled database shows that Sikkim perhaps is the richest area of its size for birds anywhere in the world.

The guided tour for bird watching is worth a try.

                                                                                                                 Courtesy : Bhoj K. Acharya